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Spongebob M-Mask

Undoubtedly, you love all animated cartoons about Sponge Bob Square Pants. You with pleasure will visit this surprising world of the underwater small town of Bikini. After all there interesting travel is again planned. In the city there were strange visitors who wander on streets, all look out. Probably something plan. SpongeBob understood at once that all inhabitants are exposed to big danger. Suddenly these visitors terrorists also want to destroy all city.
Therefore our acquaintance decided to become a hero and to rescue the hometown and all his inhabitants. He put on a mask and went on fight against the enemy. Play games SpongeBob online «SpongeBob the savior in a mask», help the old and good friend to win unexpected guests. Also do not forget that on the road our hero very much wishes to regale on hamburgers. Air vials too will be useful to it above to jump. And at the enemy shoot immediately.