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Clan wars 2: Red reign

Clans of goblins are in a condition of permanent war with each other. Only the total victory of one of them will be able to return the world on these lands, and you have to help to win this victory to one of clans.
Game is not classical real time strategy, and is executed in a genre “from the lock to the lock”. You simply control the correct purchase and pumping of the heroes, units and fortress, and military operations happen automatically. And, the these actions are closer to the opponent’s lock, the it is more than money and experience you receive therefore strategy “to sit out in the lock” better to replace with more aggressive “Forward, in attack!”. You are waited by 12 main levels, about 20 types of soldiers, 5 types of heroes, a set of magics and abilities, and also the wide menu of an upgrade – you for a long time plunge into peripetias of goblinovsky wars.