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Anti zombie defense

In it to game to you dropped out to play as the soldier trying alone to survive among the zombie and other blood-thirsty creatures. In this situation it is necessary to rely only on the forces, no groups of the armed soldiers and armored machinery will assist even the thinnest minute!
On the game screen you can observe such parameters as: a standard of living, stocks of money, time till the end of fight and number of attacks. In the bottom of the screen the radar and shop is very conveniently placed. Use and the first and the second is crucial in this flash game! In total in online to game «To survive among the zombie» 15 rigid waves of attacks are provided indulge. Each of them differs the mass character, speed of movement and enemy objects. The further, the naturally more difficult. But are afraid there is nothing, you are the trained soldier who more than once were taking part in scrapes with dead persons!